Sunday, January 21, 2018

Oakley Prizm is still more desirable

Cheap Oakleys : In the last snowy season, with 1415 Dragon APX Transition and Oakley Sochi Canopy Prizm, I was fortunate to repeatedly compare and experience the two latest and most attractive lens technology throughout the snow season, also participated in the battle, I most of the time Are from the point of view of cost-effective and practical recommendations to friends Dragon Transition, but in fact, Oakley Prizm is still more desirable.
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Oakley Prizm

So in this new season, I added Oakley Flight Deck Prizm and A-Frame Prizm goggles and retained the Dragon APX Transition for backup.
For A-Frame, I like the military is actually its loyal users. One of the reasons it is SEAL's goggles. The second reason, A-Frame can be compatible with any helmet, without brim, with brim, DH with a big brim and jaw. A-Frame full line of lenses, from Black Iridium to Clear also have or have, or have seen. So this year also firmly chose A-Frame Sapphire Iridium Prizm lenses.
For Flight Deck, consider an experience with Oakley's rimless goggles, which can be compared with Dragon Transition relatively objectively. This year's Flight Deck, also opted for the Sapphire Iridium Prizm coated iridium film with the most light transmittance.
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