Monday, June 19, 2017

Fundamental function of cheap Oakley sunglasses

 One: How to choose cheap Oakley sunglasses?
  Purchase of common sense: different groups of people, according to their preferences and different uses, select cheap Oakley sunglasses, To reduce glare and vision is clear and no deformation, anti-UV, and no distortion of color recognition and accurate identification of traffic signals is the basic function of Oakley sunglasses. At present, there are mainly two types of sunglasses sold in the market, One is the "mirror of the sun”, in the sun, it often has to rely on the regulation of the luminous flux of regulation of the size of the pupil, when light intensity exceeds human ability to regulate, doing harm to the human eye. The wind can play the role of the sun in order to relieve eye fatigue caused by over-regulation or the damage caused by the strong stimulation; The other is not only the "light-colored glasses", but also the more popular varieties in recent years, and it mainly plays the role of decoration, when the sun is not strong when you can use. The choice of Oakley lens shades of color,should be considered activities of the establishments, which may be required, in view of the different light source and occasions.The color of the lenses will affect the shading effect. To make the Oakley sunglasses can block the glare of the summer, it should have sufficient depth of the color of glasses, but bike or drivers do not choose the color which is too dark lenses.
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Two: How to identify fake Oakley sunglasses?
  Identification of common sense :The degree of lens should meet the requirements of a flat optical lens and optical defects should not affect vision. A simple method for the identification can be placed in front of knockoff Oakley sunglasses, through the lens to observe a distant goal, such as a window or door frames, etc. And then move back and forth up and down the glasses, the goal should not be the swing and wavy deformation, and it can be observed under fluorescent lamp image of the surface of the lenses of the sunglasses, images appear in different parts of the lens tube image without distortion is the best. Oakley Polarizing sunglasses on the market today, most of the use of the resin thickness of 0.7 mm polarized lenses due to the thin lens, it is easy to produce deformation in the Assembly. And special attention should be paid when the choose and buy. Besides, the color of the lenses cannot be offset, and the color of the surrounding environment should be made without distortion. In the absence of the former wearing cheap replica sunglasses, observe the red, green, and yellow colors of the object, and then put on the sunglasses to observe the same object. The color of the two observation cannot be color, otherwise it will reduce the ability of recognition of traffic lights. For the lenses for sunglasses, special attention should be paid to the identification of color.
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Three: How to use the cheap Oakleys?
Use common sense Sunglasses wearing improperly to eye is a disease. Some people regardless of any occasion, regardless of the intensity of the sun, and even in the evening, and in the movies, TV are wearing Oakley sunglasses, This will inevitably increase the burden of the eyes to adjustment, eye muscle tension and fatigue, making the vision loss, cloudy, fuzzy, foggy, or filmy vision, dizziness and other symptoms in severe cases. For the development of the visual system is not perfect babies, children.In addition to the Oakley sunglasses, the piece of glass other sunglasses lenses wearing resistance of materials is not high, the user shall pay constant attention to the situation of the surface of Oakley sunglasses, the replacement should be timely.
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