Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Features of cheap Oakley polarized sunglasses

Features of cheap Oakleys polarized sunglasses. Polarizer is based on the principle of light polarization. We know that when the sun directly project on the road or water surface, it will stimulate our eyes severely and cause the eyes to feel dazzling, fatigue and cannot be view things for a long time. Especially when you are driving, or having outdoor recreations, it will not only affect the mood of participating, but also affect our awareness of danger; apart from that, the long withstand direct sunlight, can lead to the rapid decline of visual acuity, to form myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and cataract, etc.
Oakley Polarized  Sunglasses to Prevent Sun Rays

When come to cheap Oakley polarized sunglasses. The special effect of the Oakley polarizer is to effectively eliminate and filter the scattered light in the beam so that the light that be transmitted into the eyes impartially, and the image so clear and natural. Just like the working principle of Venetian blinds: the light is adjusted to the same direction and then go through the room, the natural scenery looks soft and not dazzling.
The most commonly used application of Oakley polarizing sunglasses, is the necessary equipment of car owners and fishing enthusiasts, it can help drivers to filter out the high beam light head, in order to see the fish floating on the water. Generally speaking, the Oakley Sunglasses polarizer has been an exclusive in international brands, but today there are a lot of domestic regular sunglasses brands also have this.
Although many Oakley polarized lenses can remove the irregular light interference, avoid glare and other phenomena to occur, the polarizing effect will be weakened and the image authenticity will be reduced, also the durability will be affected if the curved lens is a standard optical refraction. In general, the best cheap Oakley polarized sunglasses are made of fiber and a polarizing film. It is different from the optical fake Oakleys polarized sunglasses, because of its soft texture, arc bending instability; it is difficult for the lens to achieve the optical refractive standard, so that the vision will be loose and deformed. Because the arc bending instability, resulting in deformation of the lens, led directly to poor resolution of the transmission node, image distortion and cannot play a normal light effect. And the surface is easy to scratch and worn, which is not durable.
Cheap Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

The following features are dispensable to form a pair of ideal Cheap Oakley sunglasses:
1. It should be able to filter out more than 95 of the ultraviolet light in the sunlight; the filter performance reaches the international standards.
2. It can effectively block the strong light.
3. The lens should come with the standard optical curved design, to form optical axis and vision.
4. It should boost with firm lens frame and the frame material should come with excellent design, and optical function, it should feel comfortable and safe.
Cheap Oakley Polarized sunglasses lens is a layer of material that is generally composed of seven layers, the outermost layer is two wearable layers, the second layer and sixth layer is anti UV layer, the third and the fifth layer can filter harmful radiation and the middle layer is the polarizing layer. The Oakley anti UV effect is good, but not wear-resistance, on the contrary, it is easy to scratch.
The Oakley polarizer can block off the random natural reflected light, glare and reflected light from irregular objects, there are 500 thousand invisible linear molecules per 1 square centimeter, are arranged in the same direction. Would like to buy a pair of best cheap Oakley Polarized sunglasses? Come to this Oakley Outlet Shop:!


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