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It is a law that one year has four years. And the summer is the hottest. The temperature is so high that the ultraviolet ray will harm our eyes. How can we protect our eyes? The answer is Oakley sunglasses. You can go out at daytime by wearing a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses. It can prevent the ultraviolet ray effectively. Now, we learn that sunglasses can help us to protect our eyes. But everything has good and bad. It can be very good and just so so. Even it can be bad. Of course,fake Oakley sunglasses has the same situation, too. So ,it is a lore to choose a pair of good Oakley sunglasses. The high-end Oakley sunglasses can protect us from the ultraviolet ray. On the contrary, the poor knockoff Oakley sunglasses not only can’t protect our eyes, but also it is harmful for our eyes. Then, we should how to choose a pair of good sunglasses? It is another a question as well. Dear ,don’t need to worry about it. It is not a hard problem. Everything can has a solution. Before we look for the answer about choosing a pair of good Oakley sunglasses, we should know the match between sunglasses and face shape.
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   For a round face, he or she is suitable for the little thick fame. And the color of ophthalmic lens are cold and deep. It can bring a visual effect of frapping the face. If the Oakley sunglasses’ color of ophthalmic lens are too gorgeous, such as yellow and red. Or their line of frame are very thin and soft. These are all unsuitable. They will make your face looks more large.
  For a small face, he or she is fit for the thin frame. The rimless glasses also are suitable for them. As for the color, choosing purple ,blue or light brown will bring unexpected effect.
  For a long face, the choice is oblate or cambered mirror surface. What is more ,the mirror foot should be a bit thick. The influence is to weaken lathy feeling of long face. The lathy face looks bony. So choosing pink or wine red ophthalmic lens will crease the brightness of the face.
  For a square face, the width is narrow and the four corners of frame is sleek are appropriate. Too big and too wide sunglasses will make your face looks more square. As for the color, brown is suitable.
  For a peach face, the color of ophthalmic lens should be lighter and the frame should be thin or rimless Oakley sunglasses. The benefit of them is to weaken the weight of the above face.
  Ok , that is all today. Let us discuss the skill of choosing a pair of best cheap Oakleys next time.
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